They once were the Sentinels of the Northern Republic. When they were driven from their Oasis in the quarrels after he Great Storm, they became the Wardens of a dream. They move in the Shadows and dwell in hidden places, but in secret they are paving the roads to a New Realm that is yet to come ...

The Sentinels at the Dregh Cave

~ Sentinels ~

A Conan Exiles Roleplay PvP Clan

We are a strict Roleplay Clan. What our characters do and where they are met in the game is, as a rule, considered IC. There's no tolerance for mindless ooc-grind.

We are a rather relaxed and grown-up bunch, we expect people to have a life and not play games 24/7. We also aim to enjoy a particular RP-tale on this server with this Clan and can't do everything at once or at all. There are other servers and other occasions.

We roleplay a hidden Organisation. Thus, our building style is different, we build to avoid sight rather than to show off. Also, we've a policy to build open, 'public' constructions, that rather open places and pathways or keep them open instead of closing them off with walls and gates.

We are a great choice for Players who started new on the server, offering all support & advice that a fresh character might need, but we also aim to be recognised as a fighting force in PvP and PvE as well, going for all the available Bosses and Challenges as well.

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