Sentinels - A Conan Exiles Roleplay Clan

The Sentinels at the Dregh Cave

~ Sentinels ~

A Conan Exiles Roleplay PvP Clan

We are a cross-server Roleplay-Clan for Conan Exiles. We are trying to provide for a friendly & grown-up Community for Roleplayers who want to explore the Exiled Lands IC (in character).

We are a strict Roleplay Clan. What our characters do and where they are met in the game is, as a rule, considered IC. There's no tolerance for mindless ooc-grind.

We are a rather relaxed bunch, we expect people to have a life and not play games 24/7. We also aim to enjoy a particular RP-tale on each server with this Clan and can't do everything at once or at all. There are other servers and other occasions.

In each server we're playing on, we'll be running an actual Clan called ~ Sentinels ~. These Clans come all with their own epic tale of struggle & survival, each a little bit different, also according to the server community and their larger tale. Naturally, our members here are not bound to participate in each of these projects, but we can achieve the most where we work together.

We are a great choice for Players who started new on a server, offering all support & advice that a fresh character might need, but we also aim to be recognised as a fighting force in PvP and PvE as well, going for all the available Bosses and Challenges in due time.

Contact our recruitment division!

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